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connecteurs aeronautique

Your partner for Aerospace Connectors

INOGIA offers a wide range of connectors and similar products for aerospace applications, and particularly all the standard series utilized on Airbus such as the EN4165 Connector, the new standard for connection in the cabin on In-Flight Entertainment systems, the EN3646, the reference for bayonet connectors, the EN3545, the standard composite rectangular connector, and the EN2997 Connector, the reference when it comes to engine and landing gear applications.
We offer also the complete range of EN3155 contacts which suit all the EN connectors for signal, power, coax, quadrax, end even fibre optics connections.
We supply also the corresponding MIL-85049 and EN3660 backshells and accessories, as well as the ASNE 0260 type of cable for the complete manufacturing of electrical harnesses.

Your Partner for all your connections

INOGIA offers a wide range of MIL-83536 and NSA 932 relays and related MIL-S 12883 relay sockets. We do also offer NSA 931 circuit breaker, and ASNE 0061 and ASNE 0276 switches.

  1. EN4165 Connector

    connecteurs aeronautique EN4165

    The EN4165 connector is a rectangular and modular Connector which has been originally designed for military applications by Deutsch as DMC-M connector. It has been adapted in the civil aircrafts for cabin applications and particularly for In-Flight Entertainment systems.
    It has become a standard in that field and is now available in stock at Inogia.

    For further details EN4165 and DMC-M

  2. EN3646 Connector

    Connecteurs EN3646

    The EN3646 Connector is the most utilized connector aboard Airbus aircrafts. This is an aluminium connector using a bayonet coupling mechanism. This series is an evolution of the MIL-DTL-26482 series II standard. It is basically used everywhere on the aircraft excepted in the very severe environment (engine, landing gear).

    For any further details, refer to the attached Deutsch FDBA Connector catalog

  3. Hermetics

    Connecteur aero RELAIS

    The Deutsch Relays and STPI Relays are the reference in aerospace applications.
    They offer all functionnalities required by the industry such as non-latching technology, latching version, double break relays, time delay relays, ...

    and detailed features that you can find in this link Relay

  4. EN3545 Connector

    Connecteur 3545

    The EN3545 Connector is the standard rectangular and composite connector aboard Airbus where it is mainly used on the VU wardrobe as interconnection interface.
    It uses the same contacts as the D38999 which makes it a standard and affordable connector.

    For further information, refer to the attached Deutsch FAST Connector

  5. EN3645 Connector

    connecteur aero EN3645

    Well known as MIL-DTL 38999 series III, the EN3645 Connector has become the new Airbus standard in its composite version, but it is also available in aluminium. The EN3645 is identical to the D38999 and uses the same MIL 39029 contacts and MIL 85049 backshells and accessories.

    For more information, refer to the attached Deutsch DTS connector

  6. NSA 931 Circuit Breaker

    connecteur aero Disjoncteur NSA931

    The NSA 931 Circuit breakers also known as EN2995 Circuit breakers are single pole, miniaturised thermal Circuit Breakers with trip-free mechanism and push/pull on/off manual actuation. Threadneck panel mounted, temperature-compensated, with optional auxiliary contacts. Fully approved for commercial and similar requirements.

    Please consult us for further details.

  7. EN3660 Backshells

    connecteur aero Raccords EN3660

    The EN3660 backshells and accessories for connectors are for most of them the equivalent to the MIL 85049 backshells. They are available in aluminium, stainless steel and composite versions, using a straight output or with an angle.
    The plating from nickel, cadmium or Rohs, is part of the options.

    Please consult us for further details.

  8. EN3155 Contacts

    connecteur aero CONTACTS

    The contacts are available under the EN3155 standard for Airbus applications, but are actually for most of them the well-known MIL-39029 contact series.
    There is a wide range of products, from signal contacts using smaller gages (24 – 22) to power contacts (gages 8 – 6), and specific contacts for coax cables, triax, Quadrax or fibre optics.

    Please consult us for further information.

  9. ASNE 0260 Cables

    connecteur aero cable

    The standard ASNE 0260 Cables complete the EN2267, EN2714, ABS 1354 and ABS 1356 range of cables utilized onboard aircrafts. They are available from gage 26 sections for the smallest versions to gage 06 for the largest.

    Please consult us for further details

  10. Junction Modules BJE-TSE

    connecteur aero connecteur BJE BJA

    Well-known as ASNE 0535, these junction modules allows the protection of an electrical line without changing the electronics inside an equipement box.
    In other words, if there is a need for protecting a signal from EMI or another noise sources, you just have to add on the line one of these modules (equiped with a diode, a capacitor, or a resistance).

    For further details, see the attached Deutsch BJE-TSE modules catalog

  11. ASNE 0276 Switches

    connecteur aero Contacteur

    The ECE Switches and Goodrich-UTC Switches that we supply are in accordance with the ASNE 0276 standard for aerospace applications which require more and more electrical power.
    We commonly find them in the primary and secondary power distribution boxes.

    Please consult us for further details

  12. CUA Connector

    connecteur aero Connecteur CUA

    The CUA Connector from Carrier Kheops Bac is utilized for battery connections on helicopters and aircrafts. This is a connector using two composite shells, which allows a nominal current of 250 Amp up to 2000 Amp in overload conditions.

    Please consult us for further details

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