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Your Partner for your Industrial Connectors

INOGIA offers a wide range of Carrier Kheops Bac Connectors and related accessories for various Industrial applications in severe environment (Mines, Steel Mills, Nuclear plant, ...) and the Deutsch Connectors inspired from the milaerospace standards adapted to the industrial needs such as in the Marine and Offshore environments

Your Partner for your Connections

INOGIA offers also a range of dedicated backshells and accessories for the manufacturing of electrical harnesses, from which the TE cables, the TE Shrink boots, but also relays, switches and Circuit Breakers for low current applications.

  1. CHP Connector

    connecteurs industriels Connecteur CHP

    The Carrier Kheops Bac CHP Connector is a modular hermaphrodite connector made out of polyamide.
    It is available in 3 shell sizes, and uses top end contacts with a silver nickel tip allowing disconnecting under load.
    It accept current rating from 16 to 125 Amp.

    For further information refer to the attached Connecteur CHP

  2. 941 Connector

    connecteurs industriels Connecteur 941

    The Deutsch 941 Connector is a bronze Connector mainly used in the marine environment.
    It can withstand pressures from 60 to 1000 bars, at temperature from -55°C up to +125°C.
    It has several layouts using signal as well as power contacts from a section of 0,22 mm2 up to 8,98 mm2.

    For further information consult the attached catalog 941 Connector

  3. 9316 Connector

    connecteurs industriels Connecteur 901

    Le 9316 Connector has been designed to withstand the most severe marine and offshore applications down to a 7500 meters depth.
    It is made out of stainless steel and bronze which garrantee an excelent mechanical and corrosion resistance.
    It uses signal contacts, hyperfrequency contacts, as well as power contacts.

    For further information consult the attached catalog 9316 Connector

  4. CER Connector

    connecteurs industriels Connecteur CER

    The Carrier Kheops Bac CER Connector is in aluminium and uses a bayonet locking mechanism.
    It is available in 6 shell sizes and 14 inserts layouts which are fully removable, accepting 1 to 31 contacts from a 4 mm2 to 95 mm2 section, and current from 10 to 200 Amp.

    For further information consult the attached catalog CER Connector

  5. CCA Connector

    connecteurs industriels Connecteur CCA

    The Carrier Kheops Bac CCA Connector is in aluminium and has 6 shell sizes that can use 14 different removable inserts using from 1 to 19 contacts (crimp, solder or screw type), allowing cable sections of 4 to 50 mm2 for current from 10 to 200 Amps.

    For further information consult the attached catalog CCA Connector

  6. CEV1695

    connecteurs industriels connecteur-CEV1695

    The CEV1695 Connector from Carrier Kheops Bac is a specific version of the CEV connector which in this case uses 36 contacts for a 2.5mm2 max wire section. It is found in multiple industrial applications. It offers inserts using either male or female contacts which are easily removable and interchangeable on site.

    For futher details please consult the catalog CEV1695 Connector

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