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Your partner for Military Connectors

INOGIA offers a wide range of Connectors and related products for military applications on ground vehicules as well as on aircrafts and helicopters.
From the MIL-DTL 38999 series III Connector and its derivated series I or HE308, to the rectangular and modular Deutsch DMC-M Connector or SIM Connector based on the EN4165 standard which utilized also the MIL-39029 Contacts of the MIL-D38999 series III standard, and which is available also in aluminium or composite.
Our offer is completed by the MS type of connectors from which the MS 3470 or AFD Connector, as well as the corresponding backshells and accessories from the M85049 standard.

Your Partner for all your Connections

INOGIA propose also a wide range of MIL-83536 Relays from STPI and Deutsch Relays, and their corresponding MIL-S 12883 Relay Sockets.
We also supply ETA Circuit Breakers, Goodrich switches and ECE switches.
And for some specific automated applications, we propose the Faulhaber micro-motors.

  1. MIL-39029 Contacts

    connecteur militaire Contact Mil 39029

    The MIL-39029 Contacts are the most commonly used contacts for military applications, and are available for signal connections using small gages (24, 22 and 20) and power connections (gages 16 to 6), but also for coax, triax, quadrax or even fiber optics Connections.

    Please consult us for further details.

  2. DMC-M Connectors

    connecteur militaire Connecteur DMC M

    The DMC-M Connectors is equivalent to the SIM Connector and is a modular and rectangular connector known also as EN4165 Connector in the civil aerospace applications.
    This is a connector that was designed using a lot of the MIL D38999 series I and III characteristics, from which the MIL-39029 Contacts.

    For further information see the attached DMC-M catalog

  3. 951 Connectors

    connecteur militaire connecteur 951

    The deutsch 951 Connector is in accordance with the MIL-C 26482 standard which uses aluminium and bayonet coupling.
    It is commonly used on ground vehicules but can be found on aircrafts as well.

    For further information see the attached Deutsch 951 Connector

  4. MIL 85049 Backshells

    connecteur militaire Raccords MIL 85049

    The MIL 85049 Backshells and Accessories for Connectors are used to support the cables linked to the Connectors and are available in the same plating than the Connectors to avoid any corrosion.
    They exist in different format, straight, elbowed, mutli-outputs to accommodate special electrical harnesses.

    Please consult us for further details.

  5. M83536 Relays

    connecteur militaire Relais hermetique

    The MIL-83536 Deutsch Relays and STPI Relays are the references in military applications.
    They offer different functions, from non latching technology, with double break relays, to latching versions and time-delay relays, and more... that you can ind in the attached relays.pdf

  6. CUA Connector

    connecteuraero Connecteur CUA

    The CUA Connector from Carrier Kheops Bac are mainly used for battery connections on helicopters and aircrafts.
    This is a connector made out of 2 composite shells which accept a nominal current of 250 Amp up to a 2000 Amp overload

    Please consult us for further details.

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