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Your partner for Space Connectors

INOGIA has a wide range of connectors and products for space applications, and particularly all the Deutsch Connectors from which the DBAS Connector, the corresponding Deutsch Contacts, and a complete range of Hermetic Connectors.

Your Partner for all your connections

INOGIA offers also a wide range of MIL-83536 Relays and corresponding MIL-S 12883 Relay Sockets, and a choice of Hyper Frequency cables and harnesses.

  1. HF Cable Assembly

    connecteur spatial cable HF

    INOGIA offers HF cable assembly from ALPEN and Deutsch.

    Please consult us for further details.

  2. Series T Relays

    connecteur spatial RELAIS T

    The Deutsch Relays series T and STPI Relays are the reference in space applications. They offer all functionnalities required by the specific space environment.

    See detailed features in the attached Relays

  3. Hermetic Connector

    connecteur spatial connecteur hermetique

    INOGIA offers a wide range of standard and specific Hermetic Connectors for various applications, whether the Connector series choosen is circular, rectangular, using stainless steel or aluminium shells.
    You can see some examples in the attached Hermetics file

    Please consult us for further details.

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