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Your Partner for Connectors

INOGIA is specialized in distributing french and european products in aeras of the world where they are difficult to get.

connecteur aeronautiques service

INOGIA has a lot of connections with manufacturers of components as most of its employees come from there.

Wether you need
- sourcing up to the delivery of one or more components;
- technical knowledge to define the right product,
- standard parts or kits,
- traceability of a component,
we have the expertise and the right contacts to give you the answers in the shortest possible leadtime.
All your needs through one supplier : one invoice, one delivery, one contact.
A unique source for all your interconnection products, which save you time and money, we offer you a distribution more efficient than ever.

We propose you to stock your products in our facility, and to deliver them whenever you need them, wherever you need them.