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Your partner for Railway Connectors

INOGIA offers a wide range of connectors and similar products for railway applications, and particularly all the Power Connectors from Carrier Kheops Bac and Deutsch (TE Connectivity).
The most common items being the CAM Connector, the CMR Connector, the CMC Connector, but also the EKO Connector and the CLN Connector.
The Connectors derivated from the aerospace industry such as the Deutsch FDBA Connector or EN3646, or even the MIL 5015 Connector series are obviously part of our range.

Your Partner for all your connections

INOGIA offers also a wide range of MIL-83536 and NFF or EN standards Relays and corresponding MIL-S 12883 relay sockets.

  1. Hermetics Relays

    connecteur ferroviere RELAIS.

    The Deutsch Relays and STPI Relays are the reference in railway applications.
    They offer all functionnalities required by the industry such as non-latching technology, latching version, double break relays, time delay relays, ...

    and detailed features that you can find out in the attached relays catalog

  2. Relay Sockets

    connecteur ferroviaire socles

    The Relay Socket is the interface in between the relay and the electrical circuit.
    There is different families of relay sockets corresponding to the different relay series, and to the different ways of connecting them to an electrical circuit (solder wire, PCB, ...).

    For futher information, refer to the relay-sockets

  3. CMC Connector

    connecteur ferroviaire connecteur CMC

    The CMC Connector is a multi-purpose connector using aluminium or bronze with screw or bayonet locking mechanism. It is available with 5 crimp contacts up to 61 contacts over 6 shells and 30 configurations, and can accept a nominal current of 10 to 260 Amp.

    For futher information, refer to the Connecteur CMC

  4. Connecteur CMR

    connecteur ferroviaire connecteur CMR

    The CMR Connector is mainly used for power supply Connections.
    It is available in 3 sizes of cubic inserts from 50, 60 or 70 mm which can be assembled from 2 to 5 units and with 1 contact from 40 Amp to 1000 Amp.

    For further information consult the attached catalog CMR Connector

  5. CLN Connector

    connecteur ferroviaire connecteur CLN

    The CLN Connector is a multi-purpose connector using nickel plated brass, and screw coupling mechanism.
    Its inserts can be dismantled.
    It offers 6 shells sizes and 11 configurations from 5 to 49 contacts.

    For further information consult the attached catalog CLN Connector

  6. CAM Connector

    connecteur ferroviaire connecteur CAM

    The CAM connector from Carrier Kheops Bac has been designed according to the NF C 63-300 and NF C 20-040 standards.
    It allows an easy and quick handling, and is fitted with pilots contacts insuring a timedealy cut-off of the power lines.

    For further information consult the attached catalog CAM Connector

  7. MILC5015 Connector

    connecteur ferroviaire connecteur milc5015

    The SRC Connector is based on the MIL-C 5015 standard.
    It is an aluminium connector using interchangeable inserts, and special contacts with clips allowing an easy and fast cabling.

    Please Contact-us for further details.

  8. CEV Connector

    inogia connecteurs industriels connecteur CEV

    The CEV Connector from Carrier Kheops Bac is available in 6 sizes, with a large choice of layouts using from 1 to 55 contacts.
    It offers inserts using either male or female contacts which are easily removable and interchangeable on site, and can accept up to 300 Amp.

    For futher details please consult the catalog CEV Connector

  9. NGC Connector

    connecteur ferroviaire connecteur-NGC

    The NGC connector from DEUTSCH is a rectangular composite connector using 4 to 12 contacts. It is in accordance with the fire and smokes constraints from the rail industry. It uses rugged SRC contact range which has been utilized in many connector series from DEUTSCH. It is mainly used in the cabin area although it is IP66.

    For further information please consult the NGC catalog

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